As part of our new Auction Marketplace, we have listened to our community and implemented the use of IPFS for newly created NFT’s. All new NFT’s minted will have their metadata and image uploaded to IPFS before creation.

With the use of an IPFS gateway, you can view your NFT’s metadata online. Below is a screenshot of one of our newly minted NFT’s with the tokenId of 2004.


How to use it?

All new listings of sales or auctions will automatically use IPFS for our ERC1155 NFT’s so no action is required to use this feature! However, if there are listings that were made from before your Auction & IPFS Release then collectors will be minting a non-IPFS NFT.

ANIFTY collectors of our old ERC1155 NFT’s are provided with the option of “swapping” over their old non-IPFS tokens for new IPFS tokens that are identical data but with IPFS. Below will be some steps demonstrated to guide through the process of swapping non-IPFS NFTs to IPFS NFTs.

Swapping NFTs

  1. Navigate to profile using navigation bar by clicking on “My Page”


  1. You can view your collection of NFT’s under the collected tab, closer to the right side of the page is the option of “Swap with IPFS”. Click the option.


  1. A popup will appear displaying the NFT’s you own that are the old version ERC1155 V1 tokens not using IPFS. Select which ones you wish to swap to IPFS. Up to 10 tokens can be swapped in one transaction.


  1. After selecting which tokens you would like to swap, click the “Swap with IPFS” button and click confirm “Yes” on the next popup afterwards.


  1. The previous step may take a couple of seconds to load, then you will get a Metamask popup asking for your signature. This will not cost any fees in gas.


  1. After the signature and waiting a couple of seconds again, you will then be prompted with the transaction for swapping your tokens to IPFS tokens.


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